Address: 111 St. Regis Crescent South,
North York, ON, M3J 1Y6, Canada
Phone: (416) 663-6560 ext 32
Fax: (416) 663-3213
Website: http://www.hqvInc.com
At HQV we source and distribute merchandise for the loyalty rewards industry in Canada.

We strive to present products that satisfy the demographics of your target market. We have access to unique and exclusive products, popular brand name items, and many other exciting lines.

HQV is a fulfilment and distribution facility - we will ship to your warehouse or drop-ship directly to your customers.

And we have been doing this successfully for the past 10 years!
Products & Services
Products & Services
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Knife Racks
101B001B (click for more info...)
101D001B (click for more info...)
101G001C (click for more info...)
18C (click for more info...)
2789 (click for more info...)
2793 (click for more info...)
30C-AP7N (click for more info...)
31-IS N5 (click for more info...)
41-AI5 (click for more info...)
BC-1353C (click for more info...)
BC-1358C (click for more info...)
BC-1604C (click for more info...)
BC-1617C (click for more info...)
BC-1623CT (click for more info...)
BC-1625C (click for more info...)
SW-SR220 (click for more info...)

All prices and rates subject to change without notice. Prices posted in Canadian Dollars.

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